Remember Regent’s

Sitting smack bang in the centre of London, elegant Regent’s park often gets neglected in favour of our local parks and playgrounds. Hop on a bus though, and you’ve got so much more than the same old swings; pedalos and boats for hire; 3 playgrounds (4 if you count Primrose Hill); 3 cafes, (including The Honest Sausage serving free range sausages and organic bread) and of course London Zoo. We’re not suggesting it’s the cheapest of days out, but it’s enough to keep you out of the house from breakfast til bath time, which makes a welcome change from sweeping glitter off the floor and loading the dishwasher for the 3rd time in a day..

Pedalos and boats are £5.50 per adult and £3.50 per child for 30 mins hire

London Zoo is £23/adults £17/kids but be sure to buy tickets online or risk queues

Regents Park info

London Zoo info