London Fashion Week

Yep, there’s probably not a less child-friendly event than the bitchy, snitchy, stitchfest that is London Fashion Week. Even though nippers would probably go nuts over some of the more spectacular shows. There are some teenager-friendly events (try the London Look exhibition at the Horniman museum, and the foyer films at the London Fashion and Textile Museum) But it’s a perfect excuse to find out a bit more about the rag trade. Try some basic sewing – there’s a great pattern for a first skirt to sew here, and a bandana apron here. Get an eye for design by downloading one of these free printable dress-up dolls. Or stage your own show in the front room – let your kids rummage through your wardrobe and dressing-up box for inspiration, build a catwalk out of a roll of wallpaper, and take lots of pictures!