Look down. Chances are you or your kids will be sporting a pair of sneakers. They’re utterly ubiquitous, but you rarely think about them. However, your (older) kids will, almost certainly, be obsessed with what they put on their feet. Sneaking Into Fashion is an exhibition running October 18-28  in Covent Garden that tracks the history of trainers through sports shoe to icons at the heart of popular culture, showcasing stinky relics such as 1960s Vans (skater kids will love ’em!), Studio 54-themed Nikes and Vivienne Westwood’s high heeled ‘Tracy’ sneakers. If you can’t make it in person, there are highlights online.

If your kids are serious about their shoes, send them over to SneakerWatch, Sole Collector or Sneakerpedia to check out thousands of obsessively curated snaps. Or get the latest dap news here. And watch this video of Ninjahood’s $85,000 collection of trainers. Who knows, perhaps one day that smelly pair of Converse shoes in the back of the wardrobe might be worth big money?