Buy Nothing Day

This Saturday is the UK’s Buy Nothing Day. The organisers say that it’s a day to reflect on our consumer habits and their impact on the environment and also their effect on people in developing countries. It’s easy to take part (and free, of course!). Just, er, don’t buy anything (online shopping counts too). You can also join in more proactively. We like the downloadable Keep Calm and Buy Nothing posters, and gift exemption vouchers here and the ideas for events such as zombie shopping and santa runs are great.

We’re fans of swap meets, so why not get your kids to set one up with their friends? They could hold it in a front room, bring a bag each of toys or clothes, and spend the afternoon haggling and bartering for ‘new’ possessions. Or, if you’re all feeling particularly virtuous, why not spend the afternoon clearing your house and sorting out donations for charity shops? Most importantly, hold off going to the shops. Just for one day.