Burns Night

25th of January is Burns Night, the day when Scottish people around the world celebrate their nation’s best-loved poet. It’s traditional to gather and eat haggis, neeps and tatties, drink whisky (kids will probably want to skip that bit), and read out verses of Burns’ poetry.

There are events taking place to mark the day, but they’re very adult-orientated and stuffy. So why not hold your own celebration? Haggises are relatively cheap, and available at most supermarkets (and the veggie ones are as good as the meaty fellas). Mash up some spuds and swede, and you’re set for a feast. The haggis should be piped into the table. If you don’t have a set of bagpipes (and we’re guessing you don’t), then play a song on a recorder or hum Scotland The Brave. Then Burns’ Address To A Haggis is read out, and the sausagey treat opened with a sword or large knife.

Download some printables for the occasion from here, and learn some dances here.