Mint Imperial

Do your kids ask a lot of questions? Our do. A lot. A lot lot. This weekend’s Imperial Festival might get you off the hook for a few hours. Every child will have a zillion questions about the science demos, talks and crazy stuff happening around the college, and luckily some of the finest boffins in the land are on hand and more than happy to answer them. This enormous event is on Friday to Saturday, with loooads of things to do including finding a strawberry’s DNA, firing a toy air gun to simulate battle injuries, dance classes, old cars, cars of the future, a skateboarding Isaac Newton and a mechanical dragon. And that’s not even scratching the surface. There’s also music, displays and a pub for parents to cower in (called the Haemo Globe Inn). It’s an unabashed nerdfest, and we just can’t wait. Free. Friday 4pm-10pm, Saturday 12 noon-6pm. More here