Natural Beauty

Our kids love poking around the garden or park, gathering a load of stuff, and making mixtures, ‘perfumes’ and slimy, muddy concoctions that smell like a long-dead dog. So we’re going to head to East London’s wonderful Geffrye Museum this Saturday for their Lotions and Potions workshop. First they’ll forage for delicious-smelling herbs, plants and flowers from the gardens, then use them to make beauty products. We’re hoping firstly that they’ll make something that might help take away some of the stress lines they’ve caused over the years (it’s payback time, nippers!) and also that they’ll take away some handy hints to make future experiments a little more sweet-smelling. Whatever, it’ll be huge fun for them, and an officially sanctioned chance to make a right old mess. Free. Saturday 10.30am-12.30pm, repeated 2pm-4pm. More here