Hula Hooping

Spinning a hoop around your waist is one of the purest joys of childhood. Hoops are super-cheap, wiggling one around your hips is great exercise, and, once you can do it, you have a party trick for life (one member of Hopscotch who shall remain nameless actually got paid cash money for hula hooping on stage for a band at a warehouse party).

London Hoop Fest spins into life this Monday. All week, the Mile End Art Pavilion will have a selection of hoops for ring slingers of all ages to try out. There’s plenty of space for buggies, so it’d be perfect if you are at home with a really young child to head down for their open sessions (free), and there are workshops and classes after school for older kids (£3).

The weekend is for more serious hoopers, with fire workshops and classes with record-breaking hoopers, and a lot more pricy. There are loads of places to get tips online, try here or here. If your kids get bitten by the hooping bug, there’s a great resource site here, with videos, tutorials and loads more.