London’s Lions

London is truly one of the most quirky, odd cities in the world. One of the best pieces of advice that visitors to the city get is ‘look up’, and those of us who live here could also take note of those words of wisdom.

Author Valerie Colin-Russ has published London Pride, a guide to London’s 10,000 lions. Once you know that there are that many roaring beasts lurking in the stonework of our buildings, perched on roofs, and decorating our walls, you won’t be able to stop spotting them (or to stop your kids spotting them). We all know the enormous cats in Trafalgar Square, but what about the lions in the iron-work of Marble Arch, and the 414 clawed creatures on the front of the Palace of Westminster?  Lions also lurk on the gateposts and in the front gardens of much smaller houses across the city.

Why not go on a safari, and see how many you can spot? Make a lion-spotting notebook, and write down the locations of as many as you can find. Lion-spotting has also been known to make traffic jams move faster and boring waits at bus-stops vanish in the blink of an eye.