World Oceans Day

Living in the middle of a big city, sometimes the ocean seems a very long way away. But many things we do every day have an effect on our seas; re-using bags helps ease the problem of waste being dumped at sea, saving water helps conserve our planet’s resources and eating sustainably sourced seafood protects our seabeds.

World Oceans day, this Saturday, aims to raise awareness of what we can do to help protect our seas (and the benefits of a healthy ocean environment too). Selfridges has a concept store dedicated to the Save our Sharks campaign, which is open now free to wander round. See a huge installation sculpture of a hammerhead shark, and learn why a healthy shark population is good for the planet.

Get more hands-on at the Hammersmith Bridge Clean-Up, where volunteers of all ages will clear the build-up of plastic that gathers under the bridge, which will then be the centre of a kids art workshop, and turned into a giant sea creature. More information here.