Saturday is the closing day of the astonishing Greenwich and Docklands festival, and there’s still plenty left to inspire, entertain and wow. Big Dance’s Youth Dance Day is set to transform Jubilee Plaza at Canary Wharf into an energy-packed celebration of movement featuring the brightest talents in disciplines from urban dance to ballet and kathak in London. While you’re there, don’t miss the breathtaking (in more than one sense) Two Sink, Three Float, a performance that takes place in the dock’s water. The festival’s spectacular finale, One Million, takes place in the Royal Artillery Square, Woolwich, and features spectacular aerial performances, live music, zillions of performers, and a huge firework display. It’s on late (10pm), but worth older kids staying up for – it’s all about the struggles of unemployed people to find work, so you can tell yourself it’s getting them interested in politics. If you have younger kids and live near, lean out of your window to spot the fireworks. Saturday, free. Full line-up here