The City of London’s Trees

You probably think of the square mile being all concrete and glass, with only a few tiny parks to act as lungs. But there are 2,413 trees scattered across the heart of the financial district, from those that have been in place for hundreds of years, to more recently planted saplings in city developments.

The City of London festival is tree-themed this year, and, as part of the celebrations, you can pick up a ‘tree trail’ at the City Information Centre, or browse or download a mini version.

The trail tells the stories of some of the city’s trees, as well as helping you identify some of the rarer species. It also gives handy hints for the best places from which to view the trees and special things to look out for. The leaflet will be available all through the festival (until July 26), following the trail would be a great, healthy way to spend a sunny afternoon. More here

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