It’s high summer, peak time for butterfly spotting. Lazier than birding, butterfly spotting can be done with an ice-cream in one hand, sitting on a rug in the park. Which sounds kind of blissful to us. Butterfly Conservation run the Big Butterfly Count, which runs through the summer, until the end of August, where budding lepidopterists can download identification charts, and log their spottings. All you need to do is sit in your garden, or head to a park, and note down every butterfly you spot over a 15 minute period. It’s worth remembering you can submit different spots on different days, so take your notebook with you if you go to a different park, playground or open space any time in July and August. Get out there, and get spotting. bigbutterflycount.org Free July-August

Small Tortoiseshell (Jim Asher Butterfly Conservation)_det