We desperately want to be Lego Master Builders. But we’re more at the Emmet end of the spectrum. Which is why we’re very excited about this little doohickey. Upload a picture, and it’ll break it down into Lego form for you. Make Lego pictures of your kids, family pets or relatives, or create signs. Everything IS awesome. More here

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  1. Hi there! This is Jaymz from Photobrix, I’m glad you like the site! I have put out lots of updates over the weekend including letting you limit the bricks to more available colours & limiting to only sizes that exist for particular colours (when you tried it out it could output some sizes that didn’t exist for a certain colour).

    It also now looks a lot more ‘realistic’ as Nick the designer has added in overlays – you should find it looks much prettier now! :) There’s also an option to just use 1×1 bricks for a nice ‘pixelized’ photo (though we prefer the bricks!)

    We’ve also improved the instruction output so it’s easier to follow. If you have any suggestions or comments we’d love to have them at

    Thanks for mentioning us!

    Jaymz & Nick

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