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Oh Kermie!

Very possibly it will err on the side of naff – but how can you resist taking your children to see the latest Muppet Movie, especially when it’s been made to tug on your “oh, all the gang are back together again!” heartstrings (not to mention your green leanings – and we don’t mean the type that’d get you punched in the face by La Pig) with the Muppets reuniting to save their old theatre from the demolition plans of an oil tycoon. It opens this Friday at cinemas throughout the UK.
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Yummy Mummy

Most children are fascinated by the Egyptians; most adults, less so by the crowds at the British Museum. Take the road less travelled and head to the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Located in Central London, and open from 1pm until 5pm, it houses vessels, textiles, jewellery and other fascinating insights into life in Ancient Egypt. Admission is free.
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