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Barking Mad

Remember in Narnia, how Aslan’s coming breathes life into the world? Naiads and Dryads dance alongside fauns, satyrs and Centaurs and everything is full of magic and promise. Who’s to say that spirits don’t inhabit every tree? Look carefully and see what features and faces you can spy.

Bored of London

Bored of life. As if. Since you live in one of the greatest cities in the world, it’s hardly surprising that it’s featured so much, in every conceivable form of media. See what imagery you can spot that’s been drawn from this seething metropolis, and look out for the word too – trust us, you’ll see it a lot.

I Heart You

Mothering Sunday means that heart motifs abound, so this should be an easy one for younger kids to get involved with. Give the game some direction by making a list of people you love, counting them up and then trying to find at least that many hearts.


Since it’s the third month of the year, it’s as good a time as any to go Triangle Hunting. Less obvious than the architecturally ubiquitous squares and rectangles, it sometimes takes kids a while to get into the swing of finding them (they’ll often overlook roofs and steeples, for instance) but they are out there…look through books, magazines and around the house as well. It’s worth a tri …

courtesy of sarah!

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Plane Spotter

They can almost go unnoticed, since the sky is so full of them, but make the most of the London’s air traffic and factor a bit of plane-spotting into your weekend. Which direction is the plane flying in; is it taking off or landing? Where do you think it’s come from or going to? Can you see the airline’s insignia from here? Make up stories about the passengers, since these can be as low key (there’s a granny who’s coming from Australia to meet her new grandchild) or as colourful (the spider collector has been in South America and is smuggling the world’s largest tarantula into London in his underpants) as you like.

check out this plane mad website for photos

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Thanks to the I’m H-A-P-P-Y song, most children can spell the word before they even know what spelling is, so it’s a great one to use for building their reading and writing confidence (more than 3 letters, more than two syllables … guaranteed to make them feel clever). It’s also, thanks to the shiny worlds of advertising and fairytales, quite a high-frequency word – so should be an easy one for them to spot this weekend. Happy hunting 😉

A Cherry On Top

In Japan the blossoming of the cherry trees is tracked and reported alongside the weather forecasts on TV, and they hold great blossom viewing parties beneath the trees. It’s held to symbolise the ephemeral nature of life. While we may lack such poetic appreciation, London has thousands of cherry trees in parks and gardens, many already in bloom, and spotting their blossom symbolises the putting away of thermal underwear!
cherry blossom photos