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You may have the best of intentions when it comes to taking your little astronomers and astronauts to the Observatory or Planetarium, but if it’s a quick fix you’re after, and singing ‘Zoom Zoom Zoom, we’re going to the moon,” just doesn’t cut it anymore, then check out this kid-friendly, introductory guide to the Solar System.

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Make My Day

Who can resist the appeal of a Saturday lunchtime spent watching an old-style Western, the whole family bundled up together on sofas and under piles of crisp packets? Check in at 11.45am on Channel 5 for Bronco Billy – rated PG, it’s got a travelling circus, a spoiled little rich girl and cowboy extraordinaire, Clint Eastwood, plus romance, a train robbery and just enough fromage to keep the ‘edgier’ elements of the film (overdoing it on the booze, for instance) from impacting on younger audiences.

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Happy Feet and Dinosaurs Rock

Happy Feet: Forget Mumble and his dancing-on-ice antics, March of the Penguins, a nature documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman, is the real deal. Check in at 4.20pm Sunday on ITV3.

Dinosaurs Rock: It’s just one little youtube clip, but we’ve yet to meet a child who doesn’t love it and want to see it over and over and over again. Dinosaurs rocking out to some genuinely awesome Aussie rock, and enough big hair and bad shirts that you’re simultaneously nostalgic and horrified?? Total. No. Brainer.
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Oh Kermie!

Very possibly it will err on the side of naff – but how can you resist taking your children to see the latest Muppet Movie, especially when it’s been made to tug on your “oh, all the gang are back together again!” heartstrings (not to mention your green leanings – and we don’t mean the type that’d get you punched in the face by La Pig) with the Muppets reuniting to save their old theatre from the demolition plans of an oil tycoon. It opens this Friday at cinemas throughout the UK.
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